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75. By Any Other Name

...And we're back.

Sincere apologies for the long hiatus, and thank you to loyal readers who've come back. It's been an interesting experience getting C5 off the ground. I had hoped that at this point I'd be getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of Cloud Five with big plans, taking my year's worth of backlog and prepping a book collection and maybe getting a table at ECCC to promote the strip, but life is what happens when you're busy making other plans, just like John said.

Producing a comic on any kind of regular schedule is a challenge, even under the best of conditions. The reasons for the hiatus will partially be explained with this first series of strips, but beyond what gets translated to Ted & the gang were issues of time management and creative discipline. I've not mastered these yet, so I am not promising that things will proceed smoothly from here; I will say that I have every intention of maintaining a schedule of three strips a week, with the caveat that occasional hiccups may happen. What I do not anticipate is another long hiatus.

So thanks for reading, and if you like what you read please share. Use the social media buttons below, tell your friends, link to your blogs. Leave comments, give feedback. Help me maintain the pace!

Today's C5 challenge: identify the geek in-joke in this strip! In the tradition of Marvel Comics, a no-prize will be awarded.
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