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92. You Say Tomato...

One of my least favorite players on the Seattle Mariners over the years has been outfielder Raúl Ibañez, though the reasons for my dislike are vague. I think it all comes down to the chaw that's always visible in his mouth. That's just gross. But Raúl is a smart dude, and whenever he says something I agree with I grudgingly admit that he's really not a bad guy (just a bad outfielder with a bad tobacco habit). The latest example of agreement between me and Raúl is about the new dimensions at Safeco Field. The team moved the outfield fences in between four and 37 feet this year to make it less difficult to hit home runs because players were complaining about their fly ball outs, and Raúl said this about that:
“I would get up and leave when guys grumbled about [the fence distance]. I never [bought] into it, because a line drive is a line drive anywhere. ... I'm sure there were guys that let the park defeat them, [and] that's a choice.”
Sing it, Raúl. But, please, spit out that disgusting chaw first.

I'm under huge deadline pressure on a couple of things this week and next, and I'm afraid that's affected the quality of this week's strips. You'll notice that today's is being posted in a slightly unfinished state with the coloring, though I'm mostly concerned with what to me seems sloppiness in the dialogue and inks. So, next week will most likely not be a normal three-strip week here. Nothing Monday for sure, we'll see about afterward. It's good to be busy, but it's almost too many things to keep track of, and I've never been very good at juggling.
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