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112. Moving Picture

Man of Steel was pretty good, but I was still somehow disappointed. Not entirely sure why; there were plenty of flaws, but Superman: The Movie has flaws too, and I love that one. Like STID, Man of Steel suffers from too much action for the sake of action, and the sheer amount of destruction visited upon Metropolis and elsewhere is disturbing. But I think I'm dissatisfied because there's nothing clever or thoughtful about how the bad guys are defeated; it's just that Superman is really strong. The Jor-El hologram provided some ingenuity, but nothing from Superman. I'd have liked to see him outwit Zod.

The best thing about the movie is Lois Lane — this is easily the best portrayal of that character on camera and maybe in any medium ever. She's clever, principled, brave, and not at all stupid. Henry Cavill does a great job as Clark/Kal-El, and I enjoyed Richard Schiff as Dr. Hamilton (still bummed Emil got swept off with the baddies into the wormhole thingy) and most of the rest of the supporting cast.

But... I guess it just wasn't fun. Maybe I'll see it again and reevaluate.
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