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107. Crash and Burn

These would have been more timely if I hadn't had to take a week off from the strip right when the movie came out. Oh well, they'll work well in the book collection, right?

At the suggestion of Erik L., the “Abraaaams!” Khan-shout is now available as a T-Shirt and coffee mug at the C5 store. UPDATE: These items are available for less directly through me than through the store link; comment or eMail me if you want one!

In the movie, there was some expository technobabble given by Scotty regarding restoring power to the whatsidoohickey requiring the warp fix, but it was completely contrived just so JJA could redo the death scene from Wrath of Khan — in which the way to save the ship was indeed getting the warp drive working so they could flee the imminent blowing-upness to come. Fleeing wasn't the issue in STID, and no space-warping was needed (or used) to stop falling to the ground. Kirk sacrificed himself fixing the wrong thing. (And, seriously, if every mode of propulsion on the ship depends on the same MASSIVE power source needed for WARPING THE FABRIC OF SPACE, then someone needs to teach the Starfleet Corps of Engineers about redundancy and backups. And maybe give them a few Ni-Cad batteries or suggest they put some photovoltaics on the hull.)

It appears the the Enterprise is the entirety of the fleet in this picture. Oh wait, there were all those ship captains earlier, whose ships were, you know, there. I guess they just couldn't be bothered to help out when the gargantuan death ship was pummeling the Big E or crashing into San Francisco.

Starfleet is monumentally incompetent in this universe.
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