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104. Sensibilities

Star Trek Into Darkness met all my expectations. Tremendous production value. Wonderful performances. Nice character bits. Awful, awful science. Lazy-ass writing. Action that never ends, because if you were allowed to rest a minute you might realize that everything in the plot so far is incredibly stupid.

There is stuff to like in the film, mostly related to the cast and their acting choices and general charisma (and, of course, the special effects). And there are a couple of interesting story points — or what could have been interesting points if they'd been pursued. But they weren't. And I don't know if those story points make the movie better or worse. On the one hand, hey, there's a glimpse of substance; but on the other, they're dismissed and forgotten to make way for the next action set-piece and we don't get to explore them, which adds another level of frustration.

So, so brainless. On a basic level, I enjoyed it, because it's a fun ride. But I want more from Star Trek and this was a pale imitation.

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