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134. Rise and Shiner

Thus ends the Thanksgiving arc. Thanks to all for your kind comments, on site and off, for this sequence, I think it came off really well all in all.

I don't have a timetable for the next strips. Follow my Twitter feed and/or the C5 Facebook page for updates, and/or subscribe for email notifications (at left; I realize the subscribe form is broken at the moment, I'm fixing it now FIXED*!) so you'll know when things resume!

I don't know what it is, but drawing this one was a serious exercise in frustration. I felt like a pitcher taking the mound with no command of the strike zone, I just could not get the characters to look like themselves, like they were in the same space, like they were equal scale, nothing. I was walking the bases loaded and then beaning the batter. Eventually I gave up and went to bed and started over from scratch much later, which is why this is being posted at 5:30pm instead of ahead of time on Sunday night.

*UPDATE: The subscriber feature was broken, has been fixed, but in the process, sadly, all subscriber data was lost. Please re-subscribe to get back into the system!
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